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The Uses For Xeomin


Botulinum toxin has been around for many years being used in treatment of both cosmetic and medical conditions. It goes with brand names Botox, Dysport, Bocoture, Myobloc, Vistabloc and the most common of it all Xeomin. When very small concentrations of Xeomin are injected into specific areas of the face, it reduces wrinkles and even depending on their magnitude could eliminate them completely Xeomin work by temporarily paralyzing all the muscles that cause the problem.

Xeomin is used by cosmetic plastic surgeons to treat the following facial situations:

Gummy Smile

A “Gummy Smile” is one that is characterized by showing more than a normal amount of the gums. This situation usually stems from excessive lip elevation, when the upper lip rises too far above the upper teeth when the person smiles. Injecting Xeomin into the correct target area of the upper lip will prevent the lip from being raised as high, and give a better look and balance to the smile.

Forehead Wrinkles

Forehead wrinkles are those lines and wrinkles that develop across the brow. Xeomin has been used for many, many years as a temporary cosmetic treatment for this area.

Laugh Lines

Laugh lines are the parenthesis-like creases that form on either side of the mouth as we age. Medically, these are known as nasolabial folds. Xeomin can be used to temporarily get rid of these lines and wrinkles.

Crows Feet

Crows feet are those little lines that begin to fan out around the eyes as your body ages. They can make you appear older than your really are. Applying creams and drinking plenty of water can sometimes help reduce these lines. By injecting very small amounts of Xeomin in target areas next to your eyes, a plastic surgeon can lessen or eliminate these lines.

Nasal Tip Lift

When some people smile a muscle in the upper lip called the depressor nasii septi pulls down on the tip of the nose. In some cases, this dipping of the nasal tip can be quite pronounced, and remains down all the time the person is smiling. This gives the face an odd appearance and distracts from the smile. A plastic surgeon can inject Xeomin into the upper lip muscle, weakening it, and allowing the tip of the nose to remain up when smiling.


The exact cause of hyperhidrosis, a disorder in which there is abnormally excessive sweating, is not known. In hyperhidrosis, the amount of perspiration far exceeds what is required for the control of body temperature. The whole body can be affected, in general hyperhidrosis, or only parts such as the groin, underarms, hands, and feet, in localized hyperhidrosis. Xeomin treatment has proven to be effective in reducing excessive sweating.

Facial lines

The appearance of facial and wrinkles can also be eliminated by administration of Xeomin as directed by your dermatologist. The results are not overly dramatic as the appearance is not radically changed, but there is a high level of satisfaction among those who use it. The use of Xeomin for the treatment of wrinkle lines is highly popular and its fame continues to increase.


If you suffer from any of the above conditions, contact your nearest dermatologist for consultation and subsequent treatment with the use of Xeomin.